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This is the homepage of David Adlam. I am a clarinettist, conductor, composer and examiner based in Auckland, New Zealand.


After my purchase at the end of 2012 of some German-style instruments, I am wanting to sell my previous instruments - A pair that match well - despite being  made by different manufacturers.

Bflat clarinet - Buffet RC Prestige, with the cut-out in the bell to improve intonation. This instrument had two years of use before my German-style  instruments arrived. It was chosen from about 25 instruments at Howarths of London. It is a fine example of Buffet Prestige instruments - colourful and with good tuning.

A clarinet - Yamaha SEV clarinet. I have never liked Buffet A clarinets. They are too stuffy, so I bought this A to match my B flat instrument in 2012. Featuring the same style of cut-out in the bell, it works well with the Buffet RC Prestige. Again I had a large choice of insturments to choose from. None of the Buffets matched up against this instrument. It had one year - of very little use - before my German-style instruments arrived. It is a precise instrument, with good tuning.

I can separate these instruments or sell as a pair. I have a single B flat case and a double case for them. The single case is almost unused. The double case is ten years old, but still works well to protect the instruments. None of the instruments or cases have had any significant use since the beginning of 2013

If you are interested in either or both of these instruments, you can contact me using the email address below.



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David conducting, August 2008



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Click play here to pause or play a performance of the third movement of the Clarinet concerto by Mozart, recorded in 2006.

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Last updated: January 2016

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